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Knyazev A.V., FLP
+38 (050) 425-11-25

About enterprise Knyazev A.V., FLP

   Company "Knyazev A.V., FLP (Himproyekt)" works at the market of industrial chemistry since 2000. Main activities: mineral fertilizers and polymers. The company carries out deliveries of chemical production to all regions of Ukraine and to export. Has direct contracts with the Russian and Ukrainian producers.

Kinds of offered products with the brief characteristics 

 Vinyl acetate - rectificate  
 Carbamide (urea) 
 Synthetic acetic acid, food quality  
 Acetic acid technical synthetic  
 Methanol technical  
 Ammonium nitrate 
 Commercial grade potassium nitrate grade B 
 Sodium nitrate, technical, crystalline  
 Ammonium carbonate salts 
 Formaline commercial FM type 

All products are made by Severodonetsk State Manufacturing Enterprise "AZOT"
Ukraine, Severodonetsk 
Post Adress: Severodonetsk, Sovetskij 24/30. 
Tel: +38 (06452) 4-52-25, +38-050-4251125


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